5 Places to Submit Your Creative Writing & Art

Sunday Mornings at the River Deadline ? Theme Fuck the Patriarchy Accepting Poetry Fourteen Poems Deadline 31st March Accepting Solo Pamphlets Bullshit Lit Deadline 31st March Accepting Poetry, Prose, Fiction & Visual Art Sophon Lit Deadline 8th May Theme Revelation Accepting Poetry, Prose & Visual Art HaluHalo Journal Deadline 17th April Accepting Poetry, Prose, Art … Continue reading 5 Places to Submit Your Creative Writing & Art

4 Places to Send your Creative Writing to

Talon Review Deadline 1st April Accepting Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Hybrid, Visual Art & Video/Audio December Deadline 1st May Accepting Poetry, Fiction & Non-Fiction Neon Literary Magazine Deadline 15th June Theme Childhood Accepting Prose, Poetry, Photography & Comics The Citron Review Deadline 6th December Accepting Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction & Flash Fiction