Book Review. Ache by Scarlett Ward.

‘a seashell in a car door’ i love little phrases like this that evoke nostalgia for me. Love is written about in a way that feels new in Ache. i liked the poems of being outside, like a breath of fresh air. i think Ache is a great debut collection of poetry from Scarlett Ward … Continue reading Book Review. Ache by Scarlett Ward.

Travelling with Anxiety

Do you ever do something and think afterwards how the fuck did I do that? IF ONLY IT COULD BE BOTTLED, THAT COURAGE. I am talking about traveling with anxiety. I have suffered with anxiety my whole life. It has limited my life to the extent I don’t go out, and if I do it’s … Continue reading Travelling with Anxiety

My Thoughts on Two Non-Fiction reads

Dry by Augustin Burroughs Published by Atlantic Books 4/5 I think I prefer that second cover. Dry is the story of Augustin, of his drinking which isn’t a problem, of entering rehab at the request of his employers, and then navigating life on the outside: sober. I highlighted this part - when Augustin began to … Continue reading My Thoughts on Two Non-Fiction reads