Outsider – a poem

Poem published in SUBROSA Curated by Estefania Schubert & Ingrid M. Calderón-Collins ✍️TW suicide & self-harm. This poem pretty much sums up my feelings of being an outsider. I have never felt secure with people, in friendships and it's all been a fight to fit in, to be accepted and keep a straight face and … Continue reading Outsider – a poem

My Thoughts on The Day is Ready for you by Alison Malee

Title: The Day is Ready for you Author: Alison Malee Genre: Poetry ★★★★ Waterstones I had mixed feelings on The Day is Ready for you, the second collection of poetry by Alison Malee. When I first read the book I struggled to connect with the poems, on the second reading I begun to appreciate the … Continue reading My Thoughts on The Day is Ready for you by Alison Malee

Cover Reveal! Persona Non Grata.

  Blurb: This anthology reflects the experiences of those who, due to environmental, economical, and personal circumstances, have found themselves as 'outsiders' in society.     Just like the first anthology, Please Hear what I'm not Saying, which Isabelle edited, Persona Non Grata will raise money for a Crisis Aid, and a Homeless, charity (the … Continue reading Cover Reveal! Persona Non Grata.