Who else hated P.E when they had to participate in it at school?

Who else hated P.E (physical education) when they had to participate in it at school? I can’t recall P.E being a problem when I was a very small child. P.E was moving and running and jumping about. What joy. (Well, not entirely) Then I remember in year 6 boys and girls were split into their … Continue reading Who else hated P.E when they had to participate in it at school?

Experiencing depression as a teenager

When I moved from primary school to secondary and was required to wear a blazer as part of the uniform, my mum purchased a blazer that was oversized and would last. Which meant by the time I was 13 or 14, and hitting puberty, it fitted a little snug. This was a common snag with … Continue reading Experiencing depression as a teenager

Outsider – a poem

Poem published in SUBROSA Curated by Estefania Schubert & Ingrid M. Calderón-Collins ✍️TW suicide & self-harm. This poem pretty much sums up my feelings of being an outsider. I have never felt secure with people, in friendships and it's all been a fight to fit in, to be accepted and keep a straight face and … Continue reading Outsider – a poem

After all that time

    hour spent, shut, into a classroom – terrifying tomb in plain clothes alongside a dozen other adult learners – their eyes on the paper - mine on the shuffling blinds as the open window lets in some relief 45 minutes to go i should concentrate one of the questions that one, no too … Continue reading After all that time