No Fee Manuscript Submission Calls

Verve Poetry Press are accepting collection and pamphlet manuscripts from Sunday the 17th of May until Saturday on the 20th of June. There is no fee. Wild Pressed Books are open for pamphlet length manuscripts of prose or poetry until the 30th of June. They do ask for you to purchase one of their titles … Continue reading No Fee Manuscript Submission Calls

my thoughts on 2 murder mystery books

    The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie 4/5 Can you imagine how fun it must be (I'm kidding) sitting down and imagining … these murder scenarios? Do the writers fox themselves? Because characters, even if we do ultimately control them, still do what they damn well like. I also love Agatha Christie’s … Continue reading my thoughts on 2 murder mystery books

New Releases from Selcouth Station. Support Small Press Publishers.

via GIPHY The brilliant Selcouth Station have released three new titles. As well as publishing chapbooks, they publish content on their blog, and have a resource for writers to find other publishers. You can find that here Their website address is ANNOUNCEMENT - "The Living Museum" by Ed Garvey-Long (@eddus), "My Father, From a … Continue reading New Releases from Selcouth Station. Support Small Press Publishers.

The @GhostCityPress Summer Micro – Chapbook series.

Hi all. I have loved the Ghost City press summer Micro - Chapbook series since it begun. Completely free, with the option to donate some coin to the writers, 75 micro-chaps will be sent to your email inbox every day (except weekends) if you sign up at this link here. Starts May 27th and ends … Continue reading The @GhostCityPress Summer Micro – Chapbook series.