Lunchtime Reviews Roundup. Poetry, Poetry, Poetry.

Blank Space by Beth Bacon Pixel Titles   author website // amazon (available on KU) // goodreads       Blank Space is a book similar to my own The Blank Page, in that Beth Bacon and I both explore the space in a book and its many possibilities. Blank Space follows the narration of a … Continue reading Lunchtime Reviews Roundup. Poetry, Poetry, Poetry.

Poet Showcase. Wanda Deglane.

Hello! I hope your week is going smoothly so far. I want to share with you a poet that is relatively new to me, Wanda Deglane. In her debut collection of poetry Rainlily she writes about the journey of healing from sexual assault. Something I am experiencing myself. Her poetry really is powerful, and raw. … Continue reading Poet Showcase. Wanda Deglane.