Book Review. Honorifics by Cynthia Miller 

Calling me unearthly shows how small your world is  Honorifics by Cynthia Miller  Honorifics published by Nine Arches Press is a collection of exciting poetry with themes of cultural identity, immigration and home. There’s a poignancy in the poems that write about memory and loss. The backdrop of these poems spans countries, as well as … Continue reading Book Review. Honorifics by Cynthia Miller 

Progress Report

Hi all. Hope you are well.  This week I have been typing up the contents of 3 different notebooks. Poems I have written in the past 5 years. You know sometimes you write in a notebook and then shelf the notebook and never look at it again? So when you do, eventually open that notebook, … Continue reading Progress Report

Book Review. Pandemonium by Andrew McMillan.

The first poems in Pandemonium write about depression and suicide. In the second, we walk along the pavement past metrolinks, workmen changing into their hi-vis on the kerb ‘on the floor the hatched egg of an upturned hardhat,’ crossroads and blocks of flats. Then in the third, family, and the stillbirth of their nephew. I … Continue reading Book Review. Pandemonium by Andrew McMillan.

4 Journals to Submit your Creative Writing to

Annie Journal Deadline 28th February Accepting Personal Essays, Creative Non-Fiction & Poetry Pacifica Literary Review Deadline - Accepting Poetry, Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction Pithead Chapel Deadline - Accepting Art, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Prose Poetry Chestnut Review Deadline - Accepting Poetry, Prose, Flash Fiction, Art/Photography & Mixed-Media

5 Journals to Submit your Creative Writing to

Yum! Lit Deadline - Accepting Poetry, Prose, Art/Comics & Music/Sound Briefly Write Zine Deadline 15th February Accepting Stories, Poetry & Photography Flight of the Dragonfly Deadline 18th February Accepting Prose, Poetry & Flash Fiction the tide rises, the tide falls Deadline - Accepting Poetry The Birdseed Deadline - Accepting micro-reviews & micro-fiction