duvet - bed still 
without a sheet 
glasses in the sink that need to be rinsed out 
with a backlog of calls 
heels - party dresses all gather dust /

because i have been so caught up in our love /

it is time, for us both 
to step back 
to remember why we ever fell in love 

so I’m going to raise a glass and dance 
in my party dress / 

Kate © 

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i wonder if 
that could be me soon 

wearing the uniform of employment, 
the clothes stamped with a logo to determine which factory you work in 
and bearing the face of detachment, of routine and labour in my gait 

evidence that you are a success 
and declaring you belong -
you fit in 

i didn’t feel as if i belonged then 
and very little has changed since. 

Kate (C) 

I wrote this poem when i was 17 and I think you can tell I wasn’t looking forward to employment /j