Here Comes The Sun




Poetry, Prose, and Micro-Poems from Katie Lewington’s travels through Europe, and covering the topics of love, connection, bath towels, music, and beards. Here comes the Sun takes you throughout all the seasons: cold winters, the beginning of spring, and the joy that can be discovered in summer. You are bound to find something to read for all weathers!


Reviewed by Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers’ Favorite.

“Katie Lewington’s Here Comes the Sun, the collection focuses on one summer of traveling that the author embarked upon. As readers we can guess a bit at the exact locations, with the only hints being the use of the words “Euro” and “Europe.” Although there is talk of Portugal, the way that the poem is framed, it sounds like it could be a past vacation. The book title itself brings to mind the Beatles’ song, and the cover image is perfect. The author is giving you a literal window into her world. These poems are unique, varied, and are sensory immersive. Topics range from a partner’s beard transition, stealing hotel towels, to hearing a Bob Dylan song played in a sex shop. Katie Lewington has a strong grip on language and on affecting readers with her words. Recently I had read her collection Popcorn, which was very entertaining, as is this one, but on a completely different emotional button setting. She took a stick and stirred it around in my insides and popped my brain, in the very best of ways. You feel things in a way that is so heightened while reading this collection. It’s like being transported to wherever she was traveling. Here Comes the Sun is sure to make you smile, nod your head in total agreement, and will make you feel as though you just had your own mini-holiday while cozied up on the couch or wherever you may be reading this. I recommend this collection with all that’s in me.