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I have been writing for many years, starting from fan fiction when I was a child to fiction and then poetry. I have written blogs, essays and articles for websites and publications. As well as product reviews and captions. I have self-published my own creative work and have had poetry published by various literary magazines, journals and presses. Some examples are Vending Machine Press After the Pause Moon Cola Zine Peeking Cat Literary Magazine Fly on the Wall Press

Writing for me is connection and creativity and curiosity. A means of communication.

I write with my own particular brand of poetic insights, based loosely on the subjects of belonging, loss, mental illness, and hope. My work can be humorous, it can be cynical and it can be truthful. It will certainly include a few swear words.

Amongst the poetry on my blog, you will find here reviews and the like on Doctor Who. To say I am a Doctor Who fan would be an understatement. I also write reviews for any other books I have read. I love to read. I love reading books that inspire me to pick up my pen and write about them, and what I have learnt from them. I love to learn, and gain new knowledge. Knowledge feeds into my writing and gives me something to really get stuck into researching and writing about.

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