Book Review. Magic of the Angels by Jacqueline Rayner.

The Doctor walked over and put up a hand to touch the face in the picture. ‘So much sadness,’ he said softly. ‘The sadness that made her leave home. The sadness of those left behind.’

This story had a few too many pages at the start, with the Doctor, Amy and Rory getting thrown out of places, and sampling doughnuts.

The missing young people part of this story felt like The Sarah Jane Adventures. In the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures a few of the episodes do focus on missing kids, which I assume was because it was a television show for kids and kids do go missing, it’s something you can relate with. It has a haunting, emotional pull to it. In Magic of the Angels, the missing kids are being snatched away by the angels, and sent back into the past, to who knows where. That’s the thing that terrifies me about the Angels, you can find yourself in your day to day reality and the next, you could be in a whole different world, and you might not survive. Because if you are not able to adapt, then you die. The Doctor does say words to that effect in the end of this story, because ultimately in Magic of the Angels the two young people at the centre of this story do get a happy ending, of sorts.

‘We could get them back to their own time!’ Rory cried.

‘They get back to their own time,’ said the Doctor. ‘They just take the long route. It takes them about 67 years.’

Every time I watch, or read, a Weeping Angel story I think about it.  I still think about Kathy from Blink, who finds herself in Hull, and comes across a man with a newspaper, munching on an apple, who eventually becomes her husband. Completely out of the blue.

The Doctor told her the bag was bigger on the inside than the outside and pushed the things in one by one. Once all the items were inside, even the cabinet, he shut the clasp of the carpet bag with a loud snap. ‘I’m glad I got this back from Mary Poppins,’ he said. ‘Shall we go?’

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