Book Review. The Dreamer’s Lament by Benjamin Burford-Jones

‘Don’t forget the steak dinner,’ Chorley added unhelpfully.

It’s a good thing perception of time is skewed where the Brigadier and Chorley are trapped inside an alternative world of Keyensham, because Anne Travers is stumped. Deciding to use a soldier as a guinea pig, Chris Armitage, results in the poor man being sliced in two. There are other characters in The Dreamer’s Lament, where there is little use in becoming attached because they are killed off. Which leaves The Dreamer’s Lament feeling funereal at times, as well as horrifying and fever dream like. I liked too how we have come full circle and Chorley has become a character I don’t mind at all. Even the Brigadier seems to have changed his mind on him too.

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