Book Review. The Miserable Git & The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space Volumes 1 and 2 by Neil and Sue Perryman.

The Miserable Git: The Wife in Space Volume 1

I didn’t think I was going to get on with The Wife in Space at all, as one of the authors Neil Perryman wrote, ‘sheer awfulness of The Sensorites,’ one of my favourite Who stories being besmirched within the first few pages. But then I really liked Sue when she said, ‘what a cunt! Are we supposed to like the main character, Neil? Because the show is doing a terrible job if we’re supposed to root for this git,’ I have become so used to the first Doctor I had forgotten he could be a bit of dick.

The Wife in Space contains the reactions of Sue, as she watches Doctor Who for the first time and from the very beginning, with the story The Unearthly Child, and accompanied by her husband, Neil, the avid fan. I chortled. I chuckled. I had to wipe tears from my eyes at some points at Sue’s insights and Neil’s asides. I never thought I would hear, ‘Vicki is great. She’s just as feisty as Rose and she doesn’t take any shit from anyone,’ and I did agree ‘is there anything more boring than a roomful of Daleks talking among themselves?’

There isn’t.

The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space Volume 2

I did not find this volume as humorous as the first, although the reconstructions of missing episodes in this era of Doctor Who can be trying for us all. It was useful info to learn the quality of the BBC’s carpentry in the 60’s and well done to Sue for pointing out the Dalek Emperor has tits. I can never unsee that now. Sue also shares my view that Anne would have made a good companion, because Jamie and Victoria ‘are also completely fucking useless,’

Sue: you know, if there’s one thing that sums up 1960’s Doctor Who more than anything else, it’s the sound of people’s feet clumping around on hard board floors.

Kudos to Graham Kibble-White for the illustrations too.

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