Book Review. Times Squared by Rick Cross.

The Brigadier, and fiancée Sally Wright, are in New York on a holiday, with nephew Owain. This rapidly unravels as a non-holiday, as Sally’s friend Adrienne Kramer, who greets them off the plane, wants to ’talk shop’.

The setting of New York makes a pleasing difference from the waters of the last story. Times Squared is almost comic like in its vivid descriptions. I felt I was right there with the characters, and Owain in particular felt very real, and I liked his dialogue, and the way he interacts with the other characters.

Simon staring back at him, eyes frank, almost … cold. It was, for just a second, nothing like his new mate’s usual warm gaze at all.

– anyone else not trust Simon?

The Yeti now have rats hiding in their furs, which considering the Subway setting makes sense. Kramer’s friend, Paulie (‘And where the hell is Mr Mystery going anyway? New Jersey the hard way?’) with his unrequited crush, and ways of speech, and mannerisms, was a demonstration on how a minor character can make an impression on you. Edward Travers, much younger in this story, has shown up out of time, as does Jemba-Wa – promised something by the Great Intelligence, and is used until tossed aside instead.

I liked the Brigadier was out of his comfort zone, his usual territory, and dealing with different authorities. He is still trying to navigate his relationship with Sally, who he doesn’t seem to have a lot of time for. Although they share some moments in Times Squared that made me think that all hope is not yet lost for them.

‘I’ll tell you as much as I can,’ Travers said. ’I’ve been waiting for Lethbridge-Stewart here or someone like him. Possibly a rumpled fellow with a strange Police Box, and a ghastly recorder player. I knew one of them would arrive, sooner or later, to help me set things to rights.’

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