Book Review. Small Ghost by Trista Mateer Illustrated by Lauren Zaknoun

Small Ghost by Trista Mateer helped my depression brain. It validated how I felt. In parts, it reads off too – like when you’re feeling depressed and nothing feels right. There are a few hopeful poems too, a reminder that feeling like shit does not last forever. It comes and goes.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

she can’t remember why she’s trying to take care of herself

so instead she buys funfetti cake mix, popcorn and frozen pizza

Small Ghost by Trista Mateer

Small Ghost is a brief collection of poetry by Trista Mateer, featuring a narrative about depression and anxiety, with a central focus on coping mechanisms. It approaches the exhausting reality of mental illness with blunt emotional honesty, self depreciating humor, and cute illustrations.


thinks about airports and train stations and how rain makes everybody feel a different way

Small Ghost by Trista Mateer

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